Echoes (Rimian Archive)

On Saint Hope and the Death Storm
By Angelus, Dean of the College of Infinate Reach, 28 After Startouch, Cycle of the New Shells

The following dissertation examines the disappearance of Saint Hope and how it involves the dreaded Death Storm. Of course before going fully into the incident which took place in the twentieth year following Startouch, you the reader should know the basics which I am assuming for this paper. Hope, Saint Hope, or Hope Vin Legion was of course the tiefling hero of legend who was instrumental in the defeating of Sycorax upon the Painted World of Thollis. For a time it is known that she possessed an ancient sword which granted her both incredible wisdom, and great responsibility, though her bravery was quite natural. It is lastly known of Hope that she, at some point after defeating Lah’Ahad, willingly gave up the sword which has not been seen since. It was after this point that the dreaded Death Storm descended upon our Ivory City. As the city was being evacuated, many eyewitness reports claim that as they looked back to the city from the bows of their fleeing ships, that they saw Hope standing alone and staring the Death Storm down. It was then that the Death Storm’s “face” came to find her, and swallowed Hope, and then the whole city immediately after. After the supposed ingestion of the Sorceress, a magnificent green light shuddered throughout the storm cloud. Then came a horrid droning sound, the green light grew brighter, and with a flash the Ivory City was gone from its place.
    So comes the various scholars claiming they know what happened, though in truth nobody truly knows the dark of it. What I have come to hypothesize is that it must have been the influence of the Lady of the Lake. Who is the Lady you may ask? The answer is this, along her travels Hope met with a powerful forest spirit who took a strong liking to her. Later this same spirit allegedly gave Hope much of her power, I believe it may very well be the same spirit that helped her in her greatest moment of need. Of course the end result of the incident, no matter which way you see it, is that Hope was immortalized as the first of the Rimian Saints, starting a new chapter in this nation’s history.


Journal Pages Found in the Shattered World of GreyHawk
Encased in the library at the College of Infinite Reach

Birkh Badawiin

Journal Page at the first camp

 I have come to the conclusion that this may have once been its own world, however it is now a transitory land where lost things from infinite planes and eons come to rest. Ho, it's very fragmented landscape is indeed a testament to its nature! I stare out, to shattered mountains and stagnant water, and the sky torn asunder and thank great Ashur that the Eldrazi never came to Thollis. I have been able to anchor a teleportation circle here to the specific time and place that I came from, I have decided to leave it up in case any wary travelers find themselves trapped in this world, however I warn you, the duplicate key was stolen from me, you will have to find it. Good luck to whomever reads this, don't get eaten.

Birkh Badawiin, Arch-Wizard of the Shadarin Order of Discovery, Cycle of the Star Walkers Return, 63 AS.


Journal page found at second camp

This land is dead. Things cling fruitlessly to life here, trying to etch out some semblance of living, but it is a simple imitation. I have found the City of Skulls, and the artifact I sought within. Unfortunately, on my return to my Portal the key was snatched by some three be dammed Bullywugs, and they have a froghemoth. Were I not gravely wounded by Acereack in the City, I would gladly go incinerate the lot. Being as it is though I can simply make a new key, and the story of Badawiin of the house of Birkh cannot end with him being consumed by an oversized frog.

Birkh Badawiin, Arch-Wizard of the Shadarin Order of Discovery, Cycle of the Star Walkers Return, 63 AS.


A loose page found clutched by a primate skeleton

Sometimes I dream of the rolling plains of Mastera, our grand home. I joined the Primate guard because I knew my home needed it. The baboons have always been all that has stood against the coming enemy from the sea. But now I feel true pride. Even being here, trapped in this strange world, I have found a statue of our savior, here at the edge of reality. The sight of his scaley features fill me with a comfort in my heart no mortal could understand. Glory to the Great Ape Society, glory to the Savior!

Papio Anubis, 2020 


Journal of Zeph Patterson

The days turn into months, and months into years, I am tired. My training takes the most of me, yet I cannot fail. Ishmael says they every moment we rest the enemy only grows in strength, that evil prevails when good people look away. We have traveled to a land that he describes as "transitory", between places and time itself. Many would be scared by this, but I am not. Time is like a dog, rub its belly, and it will roll over and call you master, this I can do. I shall find my friends, we shall defeat the cosmos,  I will bring life back to the land, and I will get Ishmael to legally adopt me and sign my collection. Every thing can be hacked, and everyone. Hack the Planes.

Zeph Patterson, date stamps have no meaning to a time lord.


From the personal journal of Lyceria Var Emerys

I am away in a foreign land. It seems that just as I find a home, it is to be taken away from me…we can't win this war. Jean-Luc gave me such hope in the beginning, but slowly that withers away. I watch the great snake that is Rorrim eating its own tail. My mind goes back to the question that Jean posed to us all in the beginning, "if you become the thing that you are fighting in order to win, is it truly a victory at all, is it worth it". The answer is no, and I see now in Rorrim that I cannot abide standing with these people, not when such atrocities occur daily and are even legal. It brings me sadness. I am alone now. I've tried to take some comfort in nights with the Kensai, but that just feels empty now, especially when the ones you love taste so much sweeter. Some nights I catch myself staring at her. Her beautiful glass horns, porcelain hair, and I wish I was her wife. The barmaid is a lucky woman. I suppose there is merit to the pain though, "pain shapes us more than comfort can", that's what mother used to say. 

(There are three tear stains dotting the final lines of this page.)



From the personal journal of Lyceria Var Emerys

You can see it some nights, in the sky of distant worlds.

A colossal turtle  with a beam of light watching over it, soaring through the stars.

Many find themselves in this strange land I call home, though few stay. Everyone is always eager to go to the place they love. I walk beautiful shell and think back on the years, the conflicts I've met, the friends I've lost. There are places that remind me of them. The gardens outside the palace, the dive bar on the docks. Most of all though is the old museum the rat kept up. There are various exhibits and I'll tell you reader that some of them are simple household items with no more magic power in them than the cloth from my clothes. Among them however, towards the back, right outside his office door, is a painting. The painting is unremarkable except in technique, done in oil. I am told it appeared on his doorstep one day. It shows the waters edge, the sea lapping up against the sand. On the beach you can see six pairs of distinct foot and paw prints, with a seventh set waking a bit away from the group. The prints go on a ways, with the seventh set fading away. In the distance, you can see the six figures, still walking together, passing over the horizon. The signature in the bottom reads "Janus"

The title of the work "Every Story Must Have an Ending"


The Anecdotes of Lyce'Ra
Sermon 2

Thus begins the joining of two worlds, though the act is violent and full of prejudice, it is of a beautiful resolution. This sermon follows the same lords of the last, and seeks to conclude their legend and fails, as no life is ever truly at its end. It was in the season of angry winds that the Shadarin’s came to us searching. They arrived clad in suits of iron, and wearing the copied face of their then empress, Ade’Layde who had been cold dead for some time, replaced by a magic marionette fashioned from the hand of Lah’Ahad. Imperator Hadar, ninth of his name was the first to be shown to us, materializing his lightship and soldiers from thin air. It was at the same time that I went with my lords abort a vessel unto the island of Myst, where the wolves the size of towers had begun consuming men out of betrayal. We did not arrive however, as we were beset by an ocean wyrm who had become a typhoon and destroyed our vessel. We stayed adrift for three days and nights in the mother ocean from which all life is born. On the third night the lightship Agony happened upon our path, and we were brought aboard. It is in this time that Ashur’Ra then Ash, Cata’Ra then Cato, and myself all met for the first time in our second faces. 
    We then arrived in Ash’s land that was the Shadow World, that second parent land of all Shadarin peoples where they choked and cried tears of dirt. It was in her house that she fed us, then played on a piano sounds that formed color in our eyes. Ashur’Ra then Ash invited me up to her bedchamber, where she became naked and unformed before me, and asked that I with a blade carve into her back that she might find perfection in the mutilation. Upon her back she had some odd number perhaps six above forty, but mine was the hundredth. It was then that Cata’Ra then Cato and Sigfried came into the room and broke etiquette, and thus Ashur’Ra then Ash demanded a blood sport of them that she might rend them in two and use their blood to make paintings, thus granting them back innocence. The two wanted that day their bodies to remain intact, and used a trick amulet to travel back to Gehn. It was in this time that Ash reminded them that this disrespect would mean war, and she was right for in this time Lah’Ahad saw the means to act and take from us our island which was in fact a star turtle. 
    When war was put before Rime in Illusitory proclamation, we did tremble as a cornered animal might, for we numbered only an inch above one thousand bodies who did have swords for arms. Thus we went unto far corners of the Painted World, and split our bodies from each other and in doing so split our minds. I reflect now that to know fear and speak with it cordially is to know death of the mind, and thus I must allow fear to come unto me and embrace me, that I might then cut it into non-existence with clarity. Came a spare few of us to different conflicts. It was in this time that many small battles were fought in both the world and our own dreams. Cata’Ra then Cato took the sword Durandal and climbed Pearl Mountain with other Lords, and went inside to find an inverted mountain of fire where Mistress Malcrom did sleep. There they first battled Lah’Ahad who was at the time an imperator and of a different name though not skin, this had been after he rent in two their ship with a space rock. Next the same lords then traveled to that devil’s home known as the Uterine Sea, to rescue Ashur’Ra then Ash from Hedonia’s pain toys. In the doing they found that Ashur’Ra then Ash could indeed come to know love as they did and so all wept as the color of the sky rained down, and Ashur’Ra then Ash did expel from her mouth a wicked spirit who had all the marks of Alshaytan. Then went we on our separate paths, I with Hope who was not a devil to the north, Njaa, Thatcher, Sigfried and Cata’Ra to the South to seek an oracle, and Krixicz flew to our enemies in an attempt to join them. The results of the journeys were this, that Krixicz had his wings ripped from his body by Imperator Noct who did then bath the stubs of the owl man that they might heal and in time offer him redemption, and Krixicz was banished to the realm that is inverted, though he comes back at the conclusion. We who went North found lords in the lands of others who had lain with demons, and learned we two things, one that every man in the North of the Painted World wants another two dead and that is an equation which does equal a negative, and as all in Rime know to invite a Negative into one’s own logic is to rape the mind. The second fact we of the Northern party learned was that Imperator Yith had come to stalk us by altering the composition of reality with her thoughts, and it was above the thousand foot tall skeleton of an infant demon did she and a dragon made of shadows save us, it was in this moment that I came to realize that she too was capable of knowing love as we do. We left Rorrim, for that was the name of the north land, in the form of a serpent chewing its own tail in a violent fashion. Then the Southern party, who trekked across the desert of Gehn making pilgrimage to an Oracle at the lowest point. It was in this land that they met with devils in amphibious form, and battled a sandstorm who was also a lord of that land, and broke bone with the King of Limbs. At the end of this they learned of Lah’Ahad’s great lie to the Shadarin people, and thus they did expose him, and only narrowly did he flee by way of holding his breath that his mind began to exist elsewhere. Thus the Shadarins imparted unto us the knowledge of the star turtle who’s shell had given us life, and we did wake her.
    It was then that we touched the stars, and the three were given the names Cata’ Ra, Ashur’Ra and Lyce’Ra. It was at this time that Yithmire did come unto me in a dream where I was projecting and spake unto me “If you, the Lover, will teach me to know love, then I will teach you to think an organism out of existance, as that is the way of beautiful killing”. I voiced back and said “I am the Lover, Eashiq, and so I can only love you for a time, though it will be the sweetest love you will know” and Yith spake “Then come, and I will alter our minds that we might live a false eternity together, though only true in perception”. Yith and I loved for six hours and four days, though in our minds it was two thousand years, and in those six days and four hours I did bore two children of double royal blood. It was only twenty true years after that the gods decided to fold in on themselves, and Lah’Ahad did return with a golem made of Plutonium with the goal of murdering first fate then the sun. The heroes of the first sermon did go to battle him upon the fractured world of beginnings, and in doing so came to kill Lah’Ahad a second time, thus doubling his anger and pain. What happened next is not known as the lords became forgetful for the span of six minutes, and woke to find their victory existed and the golem did not. And thus our lords did go to different places, in mind and spirit. While they went back to sleep Lah’Ahad brought unto us the Death Storm, and made our peoples afraid again, and thus did the Ivory City disappear. The lesson is this, that in seeing a problem through to its most simplified state does the best result become yours, to rise toward a better sun.


Second Prophecy of Yith

Know you these numbers as they are key,

Seven is the number of too many voices,

Six does not the problem solve,

Eight is rape of mind and not suited for Rime,

Five is the number of government, 

and Four is the number of heroes,

Three is the number of true friends,

Two is the number of lovers and their best work, 

and One is the number of he who does absolute evil, or absolute good.

Watch now for one bad spirit among the largest number, and what it can do.

The Anecdotes of Lyce'Ra
Sermon 1

    When I was young, and still not quite formed of my own mind, I came to witness my first great historical event. The event was mainly brought on by the missteps made and forgotten by the dancing heroes of old, in the ancient world of Thollis which was made of living paint. Rime had come to rest in the waters of Da’gan Fell, in the southrun sea. There she slept for two thousand and seven years before the battle that bid her wake. 
    The first story I tell watches the following heroes, and my good friends,

    Njaa Von Felines,  Chief Djimun’s son, of the dying race of the Leonin, at that time numbering only twenty above one hundred. A sand warrior and Prophet of Lokath, the primordial being of wanton hunger and head pains.
    Hope Vin Legion,  A teifling woman, a magi of a deep rooted place. She came unto islands searching for a lost companion, a green wyrm dubbed Quincy, who had gone to join the court of Joy.
    Krizicx Marimond, one of few chaos magi, he was an owl in the shape of man. In his search to find his son and wife he found his way to our shores, though they were not of our soil, and their fates had been known to other lands.
    Sigfried Von Passion, Being of the blood of both fey and manspawn, he walked with a foot tied tight to both worlds. He came seeking fame, that his tongue might find an ear.
    Ridgeron Thatcher Von Angle – He came from a hilled side called Mound Town, of the rat peoples. A pilferer and thief, he looked for his family blade, stolen by a rival of the same refuse land. 
    And Cato, Cato Vin Xidor, My friend, now of a new name and body. Last of the Ican peoples, and their very own Necrolord, though not in action as is his custom. Sent to us to end the Dragon’s feud, as foretold in the First Prophecy of Yith.

    There were others, though they came not to stand on a god’s two hands. Either they crumpled on the journey, or could not summon the strength of mind to see it through. 

    Their story begins in the year of two thousand and three , four years before we, the hopeful blooded peoples of the shell, touch the stars. The ones then called Prophet, Hope, Krizicx, and Thatch met in the country of Mastera, aboard a dishonest ship, who’s captain was of honest heart. They were at the time joined by Lance Legweak of the Council of Five Thrones, a goblin who’s stature was of none, a hunter of beasts. The man of weak feet asked them to a mission, and all accepted save the huntress, who said she was overwhelmed by the concept of action. So began thus pilgrimage unto the Ivory City, then of material form and known to all that called the wyrm their mother. They sailed south to Rimian land at the behest of my Uncle by law, Saris Alexapolus, snake bother of the late King Animais. The lord gave false words asking for aid, though only wished for the use of their blood. The ship sailed for what is now three star cycles before it was engulfed in the jaws of the sea thief Bearscale, then the many heads of an alien wrapped in a hydra’s skin, before at last being dashed against Riven’s shore by the mother sea herself. The band of travelers was then met by Heracles, who bore the trophies of heroism though not the scars. He led them unto the place of my own birth, being Delphis. When at last the travelers left they had come to know the mystery of my mother, Vorel’Baah the Empress of Color, then in the fragile form of human but the resilient form of woman. They were also told of the domestic war between my mother and her first wife Sycorax, Queen of the night blood and ruler of things bitter felt. Unbeknownst to them a dark wizard of some renown on the canvas world had broken the ancient word sphere were The Night Queen had dreamed, and now she swam those seas in a false skin. At last they came unto the shell of Rime, at Greyhaven, and did battle with sixty and two devils while the sky grew veins which rained the blood of wanton hedonism. In this town they were met with two pieces of Io’s breathing puzzle. The first was my mother, though in the form of a Pygmy, unbeknownst to heroes was her identity. The second was the fifth Egg of Alshaytan the Duke of Lies. It came to them when a royal glutton of avarice appeared before the lion king and spake “take unto you this small, un-knowing thing. For it will feed you the milk of god when at last you cry”. Njaa-Then-Prophet took the egg and put it in his breast for safe keeping. The travelers journeyed south, misplacing their goblin and  being guided by a half-blood warrior who came to be known as an architect. They slept in the house of the Devil Queen Hedonia, the Cenobite, and it was in this house that she consumed the one know as Lance Ledweak, before inverting his form, and forbidding him to leave. It was at the exiting of her great house that they met with myself and Cata’Ra, then Cato whom I had found already formed in ice. We rested and decided three things. One, that Njaa-Then-Prophet would divide his name by that of his people and become Njaa, ending the idea of religion in himself though he did not shed violence. Two, that we must fix my mother’s form in the Tower of Persistence, located on the head of Rime. Three, that Sycorax in her tower must die, to send her back to the world of her creation, that the island might dream. When all these things were said we completed pilgrimage to the Ivory City together where many more things happened. I was told the throne waited for my body, that Sigfried found a wife thus sealing his mood, that Krixicz had lost his wife so thus he immediately sold his ring and tried to lay with another, and that Saris was harboring a being from the stars and hoped to make a ship for it out of blood. Quickly we were to the tower and fixed half my mother’s form and she was again human. In this same time I came into the magic womb from which my new form was born from both thought and necessity, though not kindness. It was at this time that I came to touch my own mind, but not know it. Then came we to the Ivory palace and did battle with Saris and Immortal Garn, felling both by borrowing their heads. In this time my mother died fighting a hydra which Saris had swaddled and hid beneath the city, thus fixing the other half of her form and becoming a dragon. The elves of the city gave me a crown of immaterial form and so I did the same for the heroes, though Krixicz did not accept wanting to place himself elsewhere. Next the heroes now lords went unto the Tower of Joy to battle Sycorax by way of walking on the clouds. It was here that Io and Vek appeared to make sure all was according to plan, and Vek ate the Egg in Njaa’s breast, then hurried ahead to Sycorax. All royalty arrived at the head of the Tower of Joy, which was located in Argos now the City of Ash, and watched as Vek regurgitated the Egg and fed it to the Queen of Joyful Blood who wore the green skin of Hope’s own friend, and took his leave of the city carrying with him those who had not yet drank her blood. Next she exhaled upon our first lords, nearly killing them, and bled upon the Egg calling forth Alshaytan. She called to sacrifice her lover Vorel, that she might sit in the new kingdom of gods, but the new lords freed Vorel, and she ate Sycorax before she could fit in her throne. The lords and Vorel parted at the shore line at daybreak, and she spake unto them “Watch over each other, not I, and I shall love you in turn” as a good mother would. She then flew along the ocean and sky to reach the point in between, were we could not yet follow. Came then the lords back unto the Ivory City, which sang as they touched it. It would be here that they slept for four years before being woke. The lesson is thus, every story must have an ending, so that it rise toward a better sun.

First Prophecy of Yith


Little being of fate

Journey to the end of day, 

Then to us a timeless way,
Come the Fire's Other, 
Come the Loving Mother,

One must sleep,

The other weep,

With the right one quelled,

and the world well,
Sit, and say a prayer for God's good grace,
Then sleep with her upon your face.

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