The Lover


Affiliations: The Order of the Dragon, The Zerth
Occupation: Queen
Race: High Elf
Class: Wizard (Bladesinger)
Height: 5’10’’
Weight: 120Ib
Star Sign: The Lover
Date of Birth:
Age: 61
Favorite Food: Yellow Curry
Least Favorite Food: Cake
Campaigns Appeared In: Echos of the Past, The Shadow War Pts I,II, and III.

Lyce’Ra, or Lyra for short, is an exotic high elf wizard. Her skin color is that of gold, and catches light in a steller manner. Her hair black, her eyes slanted and green of color. Her pupil, or pupils, are not a solid unit in each eye but rather four black dots (four in each, making the same sign) that form the constellation of The Lover that appeared when Rime took to the Astral Space. Her body is lean and muscular, owing to a vigorous Bladesinger training schedule that she has kept since her teenage years. Lyra wears very little clothing as is the custom in The Ivory City, instead often appearing nude and decorating her body and face with paints.


Lyra came from a very rich and noble family that fell into ruin with the disappearance of its matriarch. Losing her parents, her uncle, and a slew of close friends caused a then thirteen year old girl to draw in on herself. Left without guidance she became bitter and angry, hating the world for all the hands it dealt her. She dropped out of school and ran away from her then home of Grand Sorin, on the painted world of Thollis. Three years of isolation and self reflection helped her grow and mature however, and so she headed to the southern isles of Dagon Fel, her homeland. She was searching for her mother Estelle Var Emerys at the time, and found her with the help of the party. This however occurred during a time when the nation was at civil war as the it had recently lost its monarch, and her mother was among the casualties. Through expert detective work (and a bit of blood magic) it was revealed that she was the biological bastard daughter of the late queen, only adopted by the wizard Estelle. Though reluctant at first, Lyra choose in the end to rise up and meet her birthright. She was crowned queen of The Ivory City in 2003 Peloris, 7 years prior to Rime’s ascent to the stars at her own command, following the Shadow War. Twenty years after the event Startouch, a grand necrotic cloud known as the Death Storm assaulted the Ivory City. In the aftermath of the terror, the city had dissapeared, and Lyce’Ra along with it. In spite of this, her life fire still burns atop a brazier in Port Hope, letting everyone know their queen is still alive, somewhere.


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