Echoes (Rimian Archive)

Journal Pages Found in the Shattered World of GreyHawk

Encased in the library at the College of Infinite Reach

Birkh Badawiin

Journal Page at the first camp

 I have come to the conclusion that this may have once been its own world, however it is now a transitory land where lost things from infinite planes and eons come to rest. Ho, it's very fragmented landscape is indeed a testament to its nature! I stare out, to shattered mountains and stagnant water, and the sky torn asunder and thank great Ashur that the Eldrazi never came to Thollis. I have been able to anchor a teleportation circle here to the specific time and place that I came from, I have decided to leave it up in case any wary travelers find themselves trapped in this world, however I warn you, the duplicate key was stolen from me, you will have to find it. Good luck to whomever reads this, don't get eaten.

Birkh Badawiin, Arch-Wizard of the Shadarin Order of Discovery, Cycle of the Star Walkers Return, 63 AS.


Journal page found at second camp

This land is dead. Things cling fruitlessly to life here, trying to etch out some semblance of living, but it is a simple imitation. I have found the City of Skulls, and the artifact I sought within. Unfortunately, on my return to my Portal the key was snatched by some three be dammed Bullywugs, and they have a froghemoth. Were I not gravely wounded by Acereack in the City, I would gladly go incinerate the lot. Being as it is though I can simply make a new key, and the story of Badawiin of the house of Birkh cannot end with him being consumed by an oversized frog.

Birkh Badawiin, Arch-Wizard of the Shadarin Order of Discovery, Cycle of the Star Walkers Return, 63 AS.


A loose page found clutched by a primate skeleton

Sometimes I dream of the rolling plains of Mastera, our grand home. I joined the Primate guard because I knew my home needed it. The baboons have always been all that has stood against the coming enemy from the sea. But now I feel true pride. Even being here, trapped in this strange world, I have found a statue of our savior, here at the edge of reality. The sight of his scaley features fill me with a comfort in my heart no mortal could understand. Glory to the Great Ape Society, glory to the Savior!

Papio Anubis, 2020 


Journal of Zeph Patterson

The days turn into months, and months into years, I am tired. My training takes the most of me, yet I cannot fail. Ishmael says they every moment we rest the enemy only grows in strength, that evil prevails when good people look away. We have traveled to a land that he describes as "transitory", between places and time itself. Many would be scared by this, but I am not. Time is like a dog, rub its belly, and it will roll over and call you master, this I can do. I shall find my friends, we shall defeat the cosmos,  I will bring life back to the land, and I will get Ishmael to legally adopt me and sign my collection. Every thing can be hacked, and everyone. Hack the Planes.

Zeph Patterson, date stamps have no meaning to a time lord.


From the personal journal of Lyceria Var Emerys

I am away in a foreign land. It seems that just as I find a home, it is to be taken away from me…we can't win this war. Jean-Luc gave me such hope in the beginning, but slowly that withers away. I watch the great snake that is Rorrim eating its own tail. My mind goes back to the question that Jean posed to us all in the beginning, "if you become the thing that you are fighting in order to win, is it truly a victory at all, is it worth it". The answer is no, and I see now in Rorrim that I cannot abide standing with these people, not when such atrocities occur daily and are even legal. It brings me sadness. I am alone now. I've tried to take some comfort in nights with the Kensai, but that just feels empty now, especially when the ones you love taste so much sweeter. Some nights I catch myself staring at her. Her beautiful glass horns, porcelain hair, and I wish I was her wife. The barmaid is a lucky woman. I suppose there is merit to the pain though, "pain shapes us more than comfort can", that's what mother used to say. 

(There are three tear stains dotting the final lines of this page.)



From the personal journal of Lyceria Var Emerys

You can see it some nights, in the sky of distant worlds.

A colossal turtle  with a beam of light watching over it, soaring through the stars.

Many find themselves in this strange land I call home, though few stay. Everyone is always eager to go to the place they love. I walk beautiful shell and think back on the years, the conflicts I've met, the friends I've lost. There are places that remind me of them. The gardens outside the palace, the dive bar on the docks. Most of all though is the old museum the rat kept up. There are various exhibits and I'll tell you reader that some of them are simple household items with no more magic power in them than the cloth from my clothes. Among them however, towards the back, right outside his office door, is a painting. The painting is unremarkable except in technique, done in oil. I am told it appeared on his doorstep one day. It shows the waters edge, the sea lapping up against the sand. On the beach you can see six pairs of distinct foot and paw prints, with a seventh set waking a bit away from the group. The prints go on a ways, with the seventh set fading away. In the distance, you can see the six figures, still walking together, passing over the horizon. The signature in the bottom reads "Janus"

The title of the work "Every Story Must Have an Ending"




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