Echoes (Rimian Archive)

On Saint Hope and the Death Storm

By Angelus, Dean of the College of Infinate Reach, 28 After Startouch, Cycle of the New Shells

The following dissertation examines the disappearance of Saint Hope and how it involves the dreaded Death Storm. Of course before going fully into the incident which took place in the twentieth year following Startouch, you the reader should know the basics which I am assuming for this paper. Hope, Saint Hope, or Hope Vin Legion was of course the tiefling hero of legend who was instrumental in the defeating of Sycorax upon the Painted World of Thollis. For a time it is known that she possessed an ancient sword which granted her both incredible wisdom, and great responsibility, though her bravery was quite natural. It is lastly known of Hope that she, at some point after defeating Lah’Ahad, willingly gave up the sword which has not been seen since. It was after this point that the dreaded Death Storm descended upon our Ivory City. As the city was being evacuated, many eyewitness reports claim that as they looked back to the city from the bows of their fleeing ships, that they saw Hope standing alone and staring the Death Storm down. It was then that the Death Storm’s “face” came to find her, and swallowed Hope, and then the whole city immediately after. After the supposed ingestion of the Sorceress, a magnificent green light shuddered throughout the storm cloud. Then came a horrid droning sound, the green light grew brighter, and with a flash the Ivory City was gone from its place.
    So comes the various scholars claiming they know what happened, though in truth nobody truly knows the dark of it. What I have come to hypothesize is that it must have been the influence of the Lady of the Lake. Who is the Lady you may ask? The answer is this, along her travels Hope met with a powerful forest spirit who took a strong liking to her. Later this same spirit allegedly gave Hope much of her power, I believe it may very well be the same spirit that helped her in her greatest moment of need. Of course the end result of the incident, no matter which way you see it, is that Hope was immortalized as the first of the Rimian Saints, starting a new chapter in this nation’s history.




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