The Warrior


Affiliations: Starguard
Occupation: Empress
Race: Shadarin
Class: Fighter (Eldritch Knight)
Height: 5’10’’
Weight: 155Ibs
Star Sign: The Warrior
Date of Birth: 1,559
Age: 488
Favorite Food: Cave Fisher Steak
Least Favorite Food: Salted Caramel
Campaigns Appeared In: The Shadow War Pts I and III

Empress Agony is an imposing sight at first glance. She is a tall, muscular woman with near red skin sporting a collossal mohawk. Ash generally goes about clad in a full suit of iron plate, and her coat of many colors over it. Her face has become covered in an array of tattoos over the years signifying her journey from adolescence to adulthood. Her eyes have more that one pupil, each sporting four that make The Warrior constellation. Ashur does not carry any visable weapons, but from time to time is known to summon a kopesh, spear, or nailed gauntlet from thin air. It is rumored that she practices self mutilation as well.

Pictured at the right is an oil painting done by her adopted daughter Ashur Maria.


Ashur’Ra was born Sakra to the House of Ash in 1,559, the year of Empress Ady’Layde’s death. At her birth she was chosen to be among the Morrana Tash, a secret group of warrior spies in the Shadarin Empire. Children are reared from the age of five to join, and given extensive training and mutations in order to become the greatest killers the Shadowfell had known. After a great many years however she caught the watchful eye of Scherazade, and was chosen to be among the 9th generation of Imperators. Along with her brothers and sisters she underwent the trials set before them in the Black Lands, and for the first time since the 1st generation, all five participants survived.
Ash was known in her time as Imperator for her amazing command of naval warfare, and undefeated dueling record.
She was one of two Imperators present for the official declaration of war against Rime. At the beginning of the war she was sent to treat with the devils through the gate in Quiliporth. Upon her arrival she was promptly betrayed and captured by Hedonia, though the players at the time were able to rescue her. Upon her return to the world of light the party learned that any Shadarin that stayed multiple days in the Material Plane would undergo a sort of detox of the necrotic energy inside of them. Ash returned with the adventurers to The Ivory City, and then with them to Gehn. She was instrumental in exposing Scherazade to the Shadarin people, and moving them to the shell of Rime. She then came to serve as the second Empress of the Shadarin people. Upon Rime’s ascent to the cosmos Ash formed the Starguard in order to battle the Githyanki. In the time since she has largely been the face of Rime in most foreign affairs including brokering peace with the Giants, a lucrative trade alliance with the Abberant Dominion, and formally bringing Rime into the Alliance of Space Arcane.


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