Whore Queen of the Uterine Sea


Affiliations: Hedon Sect
Occupation: Lord of Hell
Race: Succubus
Class: Sorcerer
Height: 6’6"
Weight: 140Ibs
Star Sign: None (born before ascension)
Date of Birth:
Age: 41
Favorite Food: Oysters
Least Favorite Food: Beans
Campaigns Appeared In: Echos of the Past, The Shadow War Pt. 1.

Hedonia is a sensual and full figured devil. She has pearl white skin and black hair that can turn into snakes. She also has bat shaped wings with a span of 14 feet. Her heel bones jut out like natural high heels, putting her at 6’6". She appears to mortals completely nude, has sharpened teeth, a forked tounge, and completely gold eyes.


We shall know what the darkness discovers,
If the grave-pit be shallow or deep;
And our fathers of old, and our lovers,
We shall know if they sleep not or sleep.
We shall see whether hell be not heaven,
Find out whether tares be not grain,
And the joys of thee seventy times seven,
Our Lady of Pain.

It is legend that thousands of years ago, Hedonia was the human queen of Rime, ruling in Quiliporth. She loved her people, but had a grand quest of feeling all sensory stimulation she possibly could. She threw the grandest, lavish parties that the Shell had ever seen. Still she felt empty inside, missing true happiness. Then one day an old crone came to her doorstep with a solution, a tiny egg. The woman spake “This is the Egg of the Almost Mother, it calls to you. Once you possess this, you are destined to rule eternally, for your own flesh and blood”. Hedonia took the bauble and laughed. But sometimes, curiosity just creeps in. That night Hedonia readied for bed, and caught sight of the Egg on her bedside, and could swear it had just grown an eye to watch her. The next day a rider came up to the tower, only to find it completely deserted. The same could be said of the town in the river valley below. Over night, Quiliporth had become a ghost town.
It is said that Hedonia still lives today. She tempts lusting adults and foolish children in the night, stealing their souls come morning.


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