The Architect


Affiliations: The Order of the Dragon, College of Reaching Minds
Occupation: Researcher
Race: Ican
Class: Wizard (Lore Master)
Height: 5’11’’
Weight: 140Ib
Star Sign: The Architect
Date of Birth: 192, Painted World of Thollis
Age: 1855
Favorite Food: Rimian pizza with olives and pickles
Least Favorite Food: Processed meat
Campaigns Appeared In: Echos of the Past, The Shadow War Pts 1 and 3.

It is said that Cata’Ra is described as wearing a purple, tattered poncho garment and often carries a large quarterstaff. He has Porcelain white skin, and long grey hair with many braids in a kind of tribal fashion. He carries a bag on his hip that produces rattling with every jostle. On his back a light crossbow and an old rucksack. Cata’Ra looks by all accounts elvish, however his skin is exceptionally scale-like. He has the nose of a snake and blood red eyes.
These are after all the descriptions associated with Icans in legend, they are now however quite extinct. Most people see Lyce’Ra in their lives, going about her city in joy. Most people can be witness to Ashur’Ra solem, leading her Starguard off to battle. But few are privy to see Cata’Ra in the flesh, as he keeps himself quite busy away from the capitol. What is seen of him are often his Cata Drones, clockwork constructs in his image that travel about Rime, watching. They are quite friendly however and seem to offer good, albeit limited, advice.


Legend states that Cata’Ra was born Cato Xiyidor in Gehn in the year 192, on the Painted World of Thollis, in the flying city of Dominus. There lived the Icans, with their goddess Ioun, closed off from the world below. Cata’Ra worked as the necrolord of the city, processing and preserving the citie’s dead until one day he was framed for an act of terrorisim. Ioun passed his sentence as banishment, sending him to the then sleeping Rime with the message to meet her on Bald Mountain in seven years. In these seven years the elf claims to have become associated closely with a then human Hedonia, the Great Smith Hephaestus, and Baccus Overlord of the Deep. At the end of these seven years Lokath, the primordial being of hunger, tore a hole in the sky and dropped upon Dominus. This act destroyed the whole city and incited the Dawn War of Thollis. Cata’Ra did indeed go to Bald Mountain, where he found Ioun waiting to freeze him in time. She gave instructions, that the two dragons Vorel’Baah and Sycorax would one day begin a feud that would destroy the islands of Dagon Fel, and that he was to stop it.
Upon awaking thousands of years in the future, he was met with Lyce’Ra and the Ivory champions before they were known as such. The group embarked on a long quest that ended in the city of Argos, now the city of Ash, where they battled Sycorax to the death.
Cata’Ra also became a figurehead in the Shadow War, doing battle and eventually brokering peace with the Shadarin race. When Rime took to space it was he who stole and now operates the great clockwork sun that hangs above Rime. In his last known journey he travelled with his old companions to the world of GreyHawk to defeat the evil lich Scherazade.


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