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Hello Everyone!

If you're reading this then you have been invited to a D&D campaign run by myself, set in the world I wrote. Originally the setting of Rime was just a small island on the world of Thollis, a campaign setting made by Rain Shultz Pruner. After a time however Rime was revealed to be a giant turtle from space, thus she was banished back to her home. Now the civilizations that live on her back sail above the starry sea, ever nomads.

Here i keep a database of all characters, maps and events that transpire in the world of Rime. I whenever I finish a new campaign I will hit the email all button, so you can keep up with the goings on of Star Elves, Celestial Emissaries, Weresharks, and Rouge Moons.

Catch you later, space turtles.

Main Page

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